The Axess® Pro Series has earned a deserved reputation for sheer reliability in automating industrial and commercial overhead doors. This opener often outlasts the door it drives.

Suitable for doors up to 25m2, these units require only a 240V standard power point but deliver 3-phase power, reliability and speed control through a custom designed inverter.

The aluminium C-Rail uses a robust wheeled trolley to drive the door and handle the excessive requirements of high usage sites. Also features as standard a sophisticated logic control system with LCD screen, a variety of dedicated inputs and outputs, and TrioCodeTMtechnology.

Secure & Reliable Transmitters

Comes standard with Automatic Technology’s TrioCodeTM transmitter system. Utilising 4.29 billion random access codes in tandem with three frequencies, you can be assured of your home’s security and accessibility even in the face of radio interference.

Powerful Motor

A powerful 3-phase motor means this opener is both consistent and reliable, and we back this up with a two year guarantee.

Logic Controls with LCD Screen

The integrated logic control system, with LCD screen, provides scalable functionality, allowing the operation of the Axess® 1101 to be customised specifically to the site’s needs.

Quiet, Heavy Duty Gearbox

The high stepdown ratio gearing, immersed in a sealed and breatherless oil bath, inside the cast aluminium gearbox provides power and reliability, yet with minimal noise.