The B&D Aluminium Shutter range is designed to suit a multitude of commercial applications including shopfronts, sporting complexes, clubs, bars countertops and secure car parking structures.


Suggested Applications
Series 40 1000 4000 6400 Fire reel enclosures, clubs, counter tops
Series 65 1000 4000 6000 Storage rooms, shop fronts, arcade security
Series 90 1000 4500 8000 Sporting clubs, shopfronts, secure parking structures

Bottom Rail

Shutters are supplied with a sturdy T-Rail aluminium bottom rail which provides additional strength to the door.

Bottom rails can be fitted with an optional weatherseal to prevent the unwanted entry of foreign particles.


B&D Aluminium Shutters come standard with a centrally mounted locking mechanism within the mid rail at approximately 900mm above floor level or alternatively within the bottom rail.

The locking mechanisms are generally concealed behind extruded polycarbonate covers for aesthetics and tamper-proofing.

*Mid rail locking is not available for Series 40 shutters

*Locking is not recommended for motorised doors. All motorised doors will be supplied with no locking unless specifically requested.


Extruded aluminium channel guides, incorporating a box section to enable side or remount application. Guides for manually operated doors only are fitted with door stops.


Helical torsion type drum springs, made from spring steel wire.


Spring assisted counterbalanced roller drum, fabricated from high quality steel spiral ducted tube or spiral welded tube. Heavy duty shaft fitted with high speed industrial bearings for smooth effortless operation.

Direct Lift

Two piece bracket can be mounted inside or outside, or on either side of opening. 12mm mild steel construction.


Manually operated doors supplied with central locking and pull rod. Central Motor supplied with opener mounted inside drum. Key operated from internal or external switched mounted 1500mm off the floor. Optional logic control is available. Shutters are manufactured with solid drum fitted with drive sprocket to one end. B&D uses and recommends the ATA Axess Pro Opener range (not supplied with door). Direct Lift for high cycle applications such as common entry car parks.


Directly driven motor requiring no springs within the drum. Inclusive of patened safety brake system/ Drive life designed for 100,000 cycles with safe drive*. 2 piece multi hole brackets supplied to suit multiple installation applications.

*Safe Drive drive life references opener specification only.


Galvanised steel finish with all M/S components prime coated. Optional powder coat finish available when specified. Hauling chains shall be zinc passivated. Colorbond is optional.


  • Slotting of slates for ventilation
  • Perforation of slates for ventilation – Series 90 only
  • Removable mullions
  • Tapered bottom rails

The NT Deemed to Comply Manual (DTCM) is referenced in the Building Code of Australia, Volume 2, Part 3.10.1 as an acceptable construction manual for high wind areas.

The Manual contains products or systems which have been assessed for structural adequacy for cyclonic wind loads and approved by the NT Building Advisory Committee (BAC). These drawings can be accepted by architects, builders, building certifiers, designers, engineers etc as complying with the structural requirements of the NT Building Act.

B&D’s DTCM drawings can be downloaded via the DTCM website or by clicking here.

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