The B&D Envir-A-Shutter™ is our fully insulated aluminium shutter. It is the perfect choice for applications that require thermal or sound insulation.


A1 Alloy 3005 H18. This material features extensive rigidity of 205Mpa and yield strength of 187Mpa. The proportion of filled foam is 32kg/ m3. Dimensions: 19mm thick and nominal effective slat width of 77mm. Vision slat: 17.8mm thick and nominal effective slat width of 78mm.


Beckrypol ARS353 coating, which is available in two standard colours, Off White and Cream. This is a polyester system modified with polyamide beads to give a high degree of scratch resistance. Shutter slats may also be powder coated. Hauling chains: Zinc dichromate plated.

Curtain Clips

Moulded nylon clips fitted to alternate slats by two rivets.


A1 alloy, white extruded aluminium channel with rubber inserts. Min. depth: 105mm Width (back): 34mm.


B&D Series 2 Planetary Gearing. 5:1 ratio manual gearbox or electric drive with gearing ratio selected in accordance with shutter size.

Torque Tube

Galvanised steel tube diameter: 203mm. Wall thickness: 1.6mm, fitted with 30% glass filled polypropylene drums mounted on a 33.7mm axle. Axle end reinforcement on larger doors as specified.


Standard: No locking is normally provided. Options: Aluminium slide bolts for use with padlocks, fitted internally. Electric operation: Incorporates a self locking worm in the drive, which prevents the torque tube from rotating and effectively locks the shutter.


Fabricated from 50 x 50 x 6mm mild steel angle and used with double saddles and 100mm steel bolts.

Bottom Rail

Extruded aluminium as standard/

The NT Deemed to Comply Manual (DTCM) is referenced in the Building Code of Australia, Volume 2, Part 3.10.1 as an acceptable construction manual for high wind areas.

The Manual contains products or systems which have been assessed for structural adequacy for cyclonic wind loads and approved by the NT Building Advisory Committee (BAC). These drawings can be accepted by architects, builders, building certifiers, designers, engineers etc as complying with the structural requirements of the NT Building Act.

B&D’s DTCM drawings can be downloaded via the DTCM website or by clicking here.

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