B&D Roll-A-Shutters

This economical light industrial door is highly versatile, typically used in counters, kiosks, bars, sheds, emergency service and supermarket entrances.


High tensile G550 continuous roll formed, interlocking, coated Galvabond® steel slats. Nominal effective pitch of 100mm with 3 small ribs. Zincalume® coating of not less than 150g/m2. Moulded nylon clips fitted to end of alternate slats by means of three nylon rivets.


Minimum Maximum Height 1900mm 5500mm, Width 1900mm 5500mm.

Bottom Rail

Extruded aluminium T section bottom rail. Top edge formed to interlock with the bottom slat of the shutter. Weatherseal: Standard.


Steel channel, cold roll formed, galvanised 2.0mm steel, depth of 70mm.

Torque Tube

Torque tube is 203mm diameter. Wall thickness 1.6mm galvanised steel, to withstand a minimum deflection of 1:350mm. Torque tube fitted with 30% glass filled polypropylene homo-polymer plastic drums mounted on 33.7mm axle, having minimum thickness 4.0mm.


Spring life designed for 10,000 cycles.


B&D Series 2 Planetary Gearing or 5:1 ratio manual gearbox or electric drive with gearing ratio selected in accordance with shutter size. Grifco hand winder after 4500mm (h) x 4500mm (w).


Hot dipped, galvanised 50mm hot rolled steel, used with double saddles and high tensile steel bolts.


Hand operated: External Bottom rail slide bolt. Chain operated: Chain cleat locking.


  • No locking, internal slide bolts, internal and external slide bolts or key locking on aluminium bottom rails up to 4800mm wide.
  • Rivers lock.

The NT Deemed to Comply Manual (DTCM) is referenced in the Building Code of Australia, Volume 2, Part 3.10.1 as an acceptable construction manual for high wind areas.

The Manual contains products or systems which have been assessed for structural adequacy for cyclonic wind loads and approved by the NT Building Advisory Committee (BAC). These drawings can be accepted by architects, builders, building certifiers, designers, engineers etc as complying with the structural requirements of the NT Building Act.

B&D’s DTCM drawings can be downloaded via the DTCM website or by clicking here.

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